Agency Experience

This agency presents a modified unified organizational structure with the individuals served at the center of the wrap-around service components ensuring that required service needs are provided. This agency advances   a nurse-managed service delivery system, and is owned and operated by a highly qualified community/mental health nurse educator, University of Alabama Nursing Hall of Fame recipient, with a specialty in community mental health. The current leadership Team Focus consists of:
– Focus: Holistic Community Health Services, Health Assessments, Educational Leadership, Administration/Finance. Extensive experience in non-traditional health care strategies and evaluative client outcomes.
 – Focus: Vocational Education, Vocational Counseling, Instructional Leadership/Occupational Analyst, Workforce Development.
 – Focus: Psychosocial services assessments, Human Development, Psychosocial Analysis and Instructional Leadership. Extensive experience in evaluating the significance of sociocultural experiences and its import on individuals capacity to advance meaningful health seeking and compliant behaviors’.   
 – Focus: Provision of safe and appropriate care for individuals served in all service sectors – residential, day habilitation and supported employment with individuals with intellectual disabilities along the developmental continuum.
– Focus: Holistic Health – Wellness Coach, Nutritional Counselor, Informatics and Program Designs, Fiscal Assessments, Fiscal Management.
 – Focus: Goal directed Supportive Services extensive experience in Case Management and a Community Support Specialist helping individuals along the developmental continuum in the Mental Health/ Wellness Arena.
– Focus: Environmental and Resource management advancing environmental health and management of resources. Extensive experience in the design and development of renewal energy options that focuses on advancing technologies that will employ people with special needs.
– Focus: Clinical Management, Behavioral specialist  Educational Leadership, Community Mental Health Liaison; presents with extensive experience in the arena of psychosocial and sociocultural issues and its impact on an individual’s  mental health status, designs and develops plans of care that advances holistic health care services.
 – Focus: Clinical nurse specialists, provides comprehensive nursing assessments which advances a plan of care that serves the total individual.  Provides staff training in securing a model of care that addresses the unique needs of all clients served. 
Other Support Staff include:
  • Certified QDDP’S
  • Day Habilitation Manager
  • Maintenance and Housekeeping Staff
  • Job Coaches
  • Technical Support
  • Transportation/ADL Certified Technician
  • Food Service/Nutritionist
  • Employment Specialist
  • Vocational Counselor
  • Health Educator
  • Fiscal Mangagement Counselor
  • IPMS Coordinator’s