What sets us apart?

Enrestoration, Inc. has served the intellectually disabled in a community setting since 1994. The agency provides residential care, day habilitation and educational/vocational services to the individuals served. Since its inception, the agency has grown through the expansion of services to meet the individuals needs of the population served. We are willing to expand services, develop programs, and set new venues of service to raise the bar on care for the intellectually disabled.
Enrestoration, Inc. is a health care-managed organization built on the premise of serving the whole individual – mental, physical and spiritual. We serve individuals along the developmental continuum inclusive of dual diagnose, autistic, and behaviorally aggressive. We currently serve many individuals that present multiple aberrant mental states including the medically fragile. Our population also includes families and married couples who are provided a full range of care with individually tailored programs. This agency has also provided services to individuals with the lowest IQ’s in the state, and of varying age groups from four (4) to eighty-five(85).
This agency is:
  • Integrated in and facilitates full access to the greater community;
  • Optimize’s autonomy and independence in making life choices; 
  • Chosen by the individual from among residential and day options, including non-disability specific settings;
  • Ensure’s the right to privacy, dignity, respect and freedom from coercion and restraint; 
  • Provide’s an opportunity to seek competitive employment;
  • Provide’s individuals an option to choose a private unit in a residential setting; and
  • Facilitate’s choice of services and who provides them.